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Custom cases at value for money price by C and C Cases.
We're not an importer or an eBay merchant. We don't have factory seconds or anything left behind. We're all for building our products in Australia.
Custom made guitar cases, mixer cases, amplifier cases and keyboard cases to list a few.
Commencing in 1993 as C&C Music Cases saw us focus on cases for the touring musician.

Many off the shelf cases are still too heavy, too flimsy or rarely tailor made enough for the required amount of air travel these days.

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Pedalboards By Caseman. Australian made quality.
The first item we ever built was a custom pedal board with matching case.

We've networked with some of the best in the business and created two of our own unique pedalboard brands.

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Custom drawer cases by C and C Cases Custom roulette cases by C and C Cases
You name it we've built a case for that too.
From Defence to Motorsport our cases travel the globe.

Some of the many highlights include:

Successful quality compliance testing by the Australian Defence force in 2003 earnt us NATO certification with many further cases ending up within the US Defence force.

World Youth Day 2008 saw our cases take up residence at the Vatican.

Regular clients within the Australian V8 teams led us to the world of Formula 1.

Custom made racks by C and C Cases Custom AV cases by C and C Cases
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It sure is nice to build something of high quality for our customers.

Regular posts on facebook and instagram further illustrate the respect and enjoyment we have for our craft.

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