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Tailor made cases by Caseman
Custom made cases

Nothing in stock, nothing left behind, no factory seconds, no generic off the shelf.

Built to order since 1993.

Tailor made telescopic airport style cases by Caseman
Tailor made heavy duty rolling cases by Caseman
Tailor made 19 rackmount cases by Caseman
Tailor made flight panel cases by Caseman
Welcome to the Jet Age

Air travel is here and baggage weight is at a premium.

The solution is our Lite Series.

Tailor made pedalboard cases by Caseman
Tailor made guitar cases by Caseman
All our products are made to order

No cheap imitations, nothing generic, just the real deal.

Music Cases
Amplifier cases by caseman
Amplifier Cases BY CASEMAN

Custom made amplifier flight cases built durable and very comfy in our Melbourne workshop.

CLICK HERE to view examples.

Bass guitar cases by caseman
Bass Guitar Cases BY CASEMAN

It's not a band without a bass.

CLICK HERE to view examples.

Custom tailored guitar cases by C and C Cases Melbourne, Australia
Guitar Cases BY CASEMAN

Guitar players have done the rounds with their OEM / music shop / online / ready made cases and are keeping us busy.

CLICK HERE to view examples.

Guitar vaults By Caseman
Guitar Vaults BY CASEMAN

Our guitar vaults are light and custom made to suit any electric or acoustic guitar combination.

CLICK HERE to view examples.

Keyboard cases By Caseman
Keyboard cases BY CASEMAN

Our keyboard cases are lighter in weight and custom made to suit your musical instrument precisely.

CLICK HERE to view examples.

Pedalboards By Caseman
Pedalboards BY CASEMAN

3 distinctly different pedalboard products all packaged in our value for money Australian made flight cases.

CLICK HERE to visit our pedalboards website.

If you must work, do something you like and do it properly.

My product's have travelled the globe for over 25 years reaching as far as US Defence, the Vatican and Formula 1.

As a small workshop proprietor I have no time for inferior materials or inexperienced staff building my product. I'm the product builder and I'm still very much driven to providing you the best in product quality and timely service at a price that's fair.

My regular customers expect it. You can expect it too.


Ready to make your gear happy?

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C and C Cases. Custom made just for you.