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We're all for building a quality guitar vault right here in Australia using the finest ingredients at a value for money price.
Custom made electric guitar vaults by C and C Cases.
The 3 electric guitar vault as shown above weighs roughly 17kg when empty. The two recessed inline wheels help you tilt and roll with ease and the padded restraints will ensure your guitars are held securely in place.

These cases allow you to beat the maximum baggage allowance (amount of items allowed) yet pay only for the extra weight incurred.

Price: $850 inc. GST per vault plus freight.

Guitar Vaults By Caseman. Over 23 years in the business and a reputation you'll be able to rely on.
Despite cosmetic wear and tear the vault above will continue to do its job on its 5th world tour.

The contents have all survived unmarked and at a total weight of 27kg this vault has been accepted by all the airlines it's flown with.

All airline regulations vary around the world.

We do not build magic cases that are as light as a feather.
Our cases are a lighter weight alternative designed to provide adequate durability on airlines.

They will not beat the 23kg mark when fully loaded.

Use your own judgement when purchasing this product.

Vault of Terror??? Padded restraints keep your guitars safely in place .
Save money when you fly with Caseman

In 2014 Stuart Rose from Adelaide paid $1,200 AUD to return journey his three separate guitar cases.

For his next trip Stuart is effectively $350 AUD in front after his purchase of one of our vaults (as shown below).

At a total weight (vault and guitars) of 24.5kg and a size of 48cm x 54cm x 120cm he is very nicely within airline restrictions.

Save money every time you fly with Caseman
Two birds and a board

Pete Bell bassist for Melbourne heavy rockers Mammoth Mammoth wanted something tailor made for his two Gibson Thunderbirds and a small pedalboard.

At a total weight of 29.5kg he'll be rocking Europe with ease.

Mammoth Mammoth bass guitar vault
Sunset Strip

For their first USA trip Melbourne band Apollo On Fire armed themselves with two vaults to protect their various LTD and BC Rich goodies.

Apollo On Fire guitar vaults
From stage to plane

Sydney band Gang Of Youths know all too well the need for quality, lightweight protection when flying these days.

We're in the business of providing that and we look forward to doing it for you too.

Gang Of Youths guitar vaults
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