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Guitar Vaults By Caseman. Over 23 years in the business and a reputation you'll be able to rely on.
The joy of air travel

You've travelled the globe, your guitars have all survived and your vault is ready for battle again.

Tailor made since 1993. Built to your individual requirements.
Flight panel makes it all that bit lighter. Flight panel helps keep your total weight under 32kg.
The joy of air travel made that bit safer with a vault by C and C Cases. Sure it add's extra labour time but it makes for safer travel too.
Save money every time you fly. Beat the extra luggage charge with a vault by Caseman.
Rock around the world with a guitar or bass vault by Caseman.
All airline regulations vary around the world.

Our cases are a lighter weight alternative designed to provide adequate durability on airlines.

Empty vaults average 14.5kg to 19kg and typically get you in at 32kg when loaded.

Priced at $899 for a triple vault or $799 for a double vault they've proven invaluable to our many customers.

Use your own judgement when purchasing this product.

Rock around the world with a guitar or bass vault by Caseman.
Ready to make your gear happy?

Since 1993 I've made it my business to be the best at my craft for the best price possible. I have no time for the average stuff too many are willing to sell you. I build to order and I build it promptly. If this is for you, I welcome your enquiry.

C&C Cases
5/3 Coolstore Road
Croydon VIC 3136
Proprietor: Chris Hine
ABN: 17 968 072 039

Phone: 03 9723 9184

By appointment only.


C and C Cases. Custom made just for you.